Monday, April 19

What Makes a Weekend Awesome?

I had a great weekend... What made it SO great?
  1. Shopping in Georgetown on Friday!
  2. Drinks and conversation on the waterfront!
  3. Cuddling up with a GREAT book!
  4. A GREAT conference call on Saturday morning!
  5. AWESOME shopping finds & secret sale prices!
  6. SANGING for 2 great church services without having to change shoes!
  7. A productive meeting of the minds for an amazing venture!
  8. A great movie & good conversation with a "man's man"!
Lemme break it down.

1. Friday I left work early to handle some biz & then met a friend in G'town for food & shopping. The food was good, the SECOND time. (I had to send my first plate back because it was ice cold *shudder*) Then, we sashayed thru the G'Town streets laughing & chatting as the 80 degree wind whipped around us.

2. We decided to go to Sequoia for a drink. the wind was WHIPPING, but it was so warm, we didn't care! We saw an AWESOME wedding shower/party. The bride & groom had on pink tuxedo tees. The groom's tee was couled with a seersucker jacket. It was AWESOMENESS! Then there was one guest that she & I kept sending the "look over here" vibe. He wasn't getting it. He was wearing a black shirt, tie & vest. and he was ADORABLE! Ah, well, he was probably a d-bag anyway.

3. For some reason last week, the book "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" kept popping into my head. NO idea why. I have never read it, didn't know who wrote it, or where I had heard of it. My girl wanted to go into the B&N on M Street to use the facilities and look for a book that was recommended to her. As we strolled through the fiction section randomly picking up books with interesting titles and reading the descriptions, we stopped at the end of one aisle and I happened to look to my right & there it was! The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Mila Kundera. I told my friend that that title kept popping in my head & then there it was. She remarked, you  HAVE to read it! I admitted I had NO idea what it was about. So I read the back & was IMMEDIATELY ready to sit right there in the store & read it. I handed it over to her & she said WE HAVE TO READ THIS! So we are. She is waaay ahead of me so I have GOT to get to reading today! I came home, EXHAUSTED, but determined to at least START the book. and now 9 pages in... I am way too emotionally involved in it & I LOVE THAT!

4. Saturday morning I was supposed to be on a conference call for a ministry at church. There only ened up being 4 people that called in. But we got alot accomplished & I "took minutes". I'm not great at it, but hey, I had to do what I had to do. There are some GREAT things on the horizon & I am excited & proud to be part of it!

5. Went to a not so local mall to find a pink shirt & possibly a red and or purple shoe. I found both a pink & purple shirt and some nice jeans that rang up cheaper than they said on the sale sign! We strolled through the shoe section and I remarked that the shoes were boring... until I beheld THIS SHOE!

I asked for a 9, they didn't have it! But she brought me a 8.5 & 9.5 just to see. I tried on the 8.5 & it wasn't fitting properly. :-( I asked if she could find out who had a 9. She brought me back a list. The store closest to me had ONE 9 left. Then there was another with 2 pair & one that was FAR away with 3 pair. I was already prepared to spend a pretty penny on the shoes, but LOOK AT THEM! *drool drool drool* So I dropped my friend off & head straight to the store near me. When I walk in, I see a fuschia suede pair, but not the black leather. *sigh* I ask the salesperson if they have it in black in a 9. She checks, and they have do indeed have one pair in a 9. I try them on & it's as if I was stepping into heaven! I took them to the register all prepared to spend an insane amount of money (for ME anyways) on a great shoe. The salesperson informed me the shoe was ON SALE! *the crowd goes wild!* I proudly and happily pay the sale price and hurry home to try them on! I strutted around the house in them for about 20 minutes and tried them on with various outfit possibilities for church on Sunday! Afterwards, I laid in the bed basking in the glow of a great shopping day!

6. Our church has new monitors & cameras, so how the choir looks is important. We were told to "bring it" on Sunday. So I did. I played in makeup for a WHILE, finally getting a look I could live with & be proud of and headed out the door. I was so scared of messing up the heel of my shoe, I didn't even wear them INTO church. I carried them with me! When I got there I prayed that my feet would not be ABLAZE before offering and put the shoes on. The shoes lasted through BOTH services and well into the evening. As did the makeup! I feared my voice would give out because my section was outnumbered, but it didn't! The message was great & the spirit was high! Boom bang POW!

7. I stopped by to see a friend & run an errand then I headed to a meeting. At this meeting, some great things came together with some great minds. I am really excited about the possibilites and outcome. But I won't share it right now. :-)

8. I checked the mirror as I was leaving the meeting & my makeup was still jammin on the one. I wiggled my toes in my awesome shoes and they were still good to go. The sun was giving me energy & I wasn't ready to go home. I called up a friedn of mine and asked if he wanted to hang out. He said yes & we went to the movies to see "Date Night". FUNNY! Afterwards, we sat in the car and had a long discussion about men & women. And he thought he knew what I was going to say. He did not. He thought he knew how my close friends and I get down. He was wrong. He thought he had me pegged. NOPE!

I wish I could replay this weekend all over again, it was that super-duper! And i look forward to having several more weekends like it!

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