Tuesday, April 13

Holly Hobby!

I went to NYC about a year ago for a fabu wedding. And I decided I wanted to but a camera that took better pictures than my rinky dink handheld. I tried to borrow one, but by the time I got someone to let me hold theirs, it was too late to try to get it from them. So I went to NYC with the decision to buy one. I OVERPAID for a FujiFilm DSLR and commenced to taking some GREAT pics!

I fell in love with photography! I started taking pics of some of everything! Here are a few:

I also took some shots of a friend of mine that she loved. Since then I have been asked to do a photoshoot and I was thinking I need to step my game WAY UP! I went to Amazon and bought an umbrella light 

Then one night I was asked to take some pics in a dark club and I realized my flash wasn't cuttin it! I looked into buying a new camera, but as I was researching I realized there was a little invention called a light scoop that helped make the flash less direct. I am excited to try it! So now, I am reading up on digital photography and just in time for summer, I'll be ready to actually charge a little money for my services. 

Until then, I am seeking a male model for some test shots. Nudity not necessary! *wink*

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