Tuesday, April 6

Hated It!

Some friends and I were out the other day and we began to discuss the people on FB & Twitter that are always talking about "haters" or someone "hating on" them. And we realized that we don't have those kinds of problems. We couldn't really articulate why, initially, then it hit us.

We don't acknowledge such foolishness!

None of us strut around thinking we are all of that and in reality we are a mess like those people that swear someone's hating on them constantly. We don't make our life decisions based on how other people will view us or admire us. We have our own self-image that is in no way sculpted by other's input, except maybe each other's. But even in THAT case it's positive input.

Why do some people always have drama? Why do some people always think someone is hating on them? Why do some people always seem to be doing too much, YET.... not enough? It boils down to insecurity and poor life decisions.

As I was discussing this blog topic just moments ago with my girl J, she said: "I'm trying to figure out how having a crazy car note that you can barely afford makes me wanna 'hate' you." And there you have it. Why would your car note be that high and you are scraping it together each month?- Poor Life Decision! Why would you think that rolling in the aforementioned barely paid for car would draw people's attention and distaste for someone they don't even know?- Insecurity! Why would you even acknowledge strangers and other non-friends' opinions?- Insecure Poor Life Decisions.

We all have done something we knew wasn't very smart or wise, but to then pretend that that thing was smart or wise? or to never acknowledge it was in fact DUMB? Not to the outside world, but to yourself... ACKNOWLEDGE the foolishness for what it is! And then govern yourself accordingly. Change your mind, change your LIFE!

If you always seem to have someone hating on you.... maybe it's JUST YOU... LITERALLY.


Anonymous said...

Well said.

{Ms. P} said...

I can't 'Like' this enough!