Friday, April 23

I Feel a Vibe!

Recently, I have been asked out on second dates that I was not very eager to accept. Why? Because the first date wasn't that hot. Imagine the picture above with the roles reversed and instead of me talking on the phone, I'm tweeting or sending a BBM or otherwise distracted.

I have also been on dates where I have been the girl in the picture. But I knew there would be no second date. And usually so did he. But lately there seems to be a necessity to call someone up or let someone know at the end of a not-so-great date that there will be no other dates thereafter.

A friend of mine, M, told our friend, J, that she liked one of J's brother's group of friends. She didn't say who. So one of them takes it upon themselves to say it was him. He told J's brother, "I feel a vibe!" He could not have been more WRONG! But did that stop him? NOPE!

So what makes some men so oblivious to vibeless interactions? How is it possible that two people can have two wildly different impressions of the same date. Were you not there when I texted an SOS to my friend? Did you not show up to the date high and with your hair unbrushed?

I need to understand why must I be the heavy and actually SAY: "I'm not interested in seeing you again." Especially since after much better dates, I got no callbacks & dealt with it with a shrug & a *delete*. But for SOME reason, recently, I've actually had to tell guys no thank you. And it wasn't very easy. I wonder if I will have to get used to this. *sigh* I hope not. *womp womp*

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